Code names

Every (open source) project needs to have a snazzy name – here they are.


  • CDI: Contexts and Dependency Injection (JSR-299) is supported by EE 6 to extend the capabilities of the EJB container, in example to add new annotations and functionality. Weld is the reference implementation, Seam uses it as its base.



  • GAE: The Google App Engine runs Java and Python applications “in the cloud”. Opposed to hosted servers which may be configured ad lib only limited APIs are available. On the other hand, scaling is possible into 100s of requests per second.
  • GlassFish: Sun’s reference implementation of Java EE 6. Website
  • Grizzly: I/O framework for web servers based on Java NIO. Used by GlassFish. Website
  • GWT: The Google Web Toolkit provides cross browser support for AJAX-based web applications. Development is in Java which gets compiled into HTML and JavaScript. Web GUIs get created in a Swing-like fashion by creating a tree of widgets.




  • Seam is a framework/ extension on top of Java EE (using Weld) that offers support for the implementation of web applications (AJAX, Faces). Website


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