How to let your smart phone access the wireless Internet connection of your laptop via WLAN

This has not much to do with Software Entropy, but still – it’s useful information!

You have a smartphone and want you want to use your laptop’s wireless Internet connection via WLAN? Well, things would be easy if Android phones could connect to the ad hoc WLAN network your laptop can provide, but, alas, they can’t. Android wants an access point (AP) and for this you need a WLAN router. The odd thing is that the WLAN router will use your laptop for Internet access – normally the laptop would use the WLAN router and its DSL connection.

How to do this? You need

  • a smart phone
  • a  laptop
  • a wireless Internet USB stick
  • a WLAN router

We start with the laptop (mine runs Vista; the recipe should work with XP and 7 as well). Configure your wireless Internet connection to be shared. This turns your laptop into a router that (A) forwards packets from the LAN socket to the wireless connection and (B) dynamically assigns IP settings to connected devices via DHCP – your WLAN router will appreciate that later. You’ll need to assign a fixed IP to the LAN connection for this to work. sounds good to me (I heard that XP automatically chooses this address).

Now it’s the router’s turn. Configure your WLAN box with a fixed LAN address. How about Please note that this is a different network (192.168.1 instead of 192.168.0). Instruct the router to get its Internet settings dynamically via DHCP. Where from? Your laptop, when you connect the routers downlink port (mui importante!) to your laptops LAN port. Make the router dish out dynamic IP settings via DHCP so your phone gets served some. Set encryption, SSID, and password to your liking.

Finally, the phone. Configure your handset to connect to the WLAN router. Voila!

How does it work? You connect your laptop to the wireless Internet. The wireless USB stick gets its IP configuration via DHCP over the air from your mobile carrier. The WLAN router does the same with the laptop. The smart phone does the same with the router.

That’s  it… Enjoy!

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